Marv Levy RSVP!

Hello all 886 Bills fans,

We just got word that Marv Levy will be in NYC next week and would like to hang out with our members and sign copies of his book! This potential event would occur next Tuesday, January 25th, from 6:30-8:30 pm at McFadden’s. He WILL sign copies of already purchased books.

We are fully aware that this is a work-night, but it may be our only shot at having the legendary Hall of Fame Coach at McFadden’s. He’ll be there until 8:30, so those of you in NJ and CT would have plenty of time to make it. We’ll build up the event by possibly showing a classic Bills game and offering a drink special.

This will only work with your support, so we need you to RSVP for this event RIGHT AWAY and tell us if you’ll:

1) be able to make it (and with # of guests)
2) if you will need to purchase a book

We’ll make the call whether this will happen within 24 hours, so as soon as you get this PLEASE reply.

C’mon folks…let’s make this happen, Marv Levy deserves our support for everything he did for us in the early 90’s!

— Matt “talkin’ proud and need you to reply” Kabel