Marv Levy, YES!

The verdict is in, and YES, Marv Levy WILL be signing copies of his book at McFadden’s on Tuesday, January 25 from 6:30-8:30pm! We looked into changing the date, but the publisher couldn’t guarantee getting Coach Levy back here by next fall, if at all. Also, we received 125 RSVP’s within 24 hours, so we are expecting a huge turnout for this event.

“Yes, Coach Levy has been informed and is excited!” – from the publisher.

Some key points regarding Marv Levy at the event:
1) We have ordered 250 books from the publisher which we will be selling at McFadden’s on the day of the event. Books can be purchased for $25 each which includes tax. Cash or personal check is the ONLY method of payment accepted. Coach Levy will sign already purchased books.
2) He will only sign copies of his book. He will not sign any memorabilia.
3) He will personalize his autographs, but they need to be kept brief.
4) As of now, there is no limit on the number of books he will sign.

My fellow NYCBBB staff members and I are going to meet up at McFadden’s this week to decide how the logistics of the signing will work. We’ll also talk to McFadden’s about offering some sort of beer special. Once we have more details, we’ll let you know!

Does anybody have a copy of the Raiders 51-3 playoff game on VHS tape?

Less than a week to put together a book signing, if anybody can do it, we can!

NYCBBB Gift Packages to Iraq En Route
Staff-member Michelle Girardi has just gotten word that the care-packages that NYCBBB members raised money for have passed inspection and are en route to our fellow Buffalo Bills fans serving in the Middle East. They will hopefully receive them in two weeks as security is tight due to the upcoming elections. We will let you know when they receive them, and thanks again to all of you that contributed to this worthwhile cause!

Bills News
Travis Henry has moved his stuff out of his Buffalo home and has said he will only play for a team in warm weather. As much as I loved Travis as a player, he is acting like a baby and I will now be happy to see him leave considering his attitude. Check out the latest news on

— Matt “talkin’ proud and can’t believe we got Marv Levy to come to McFadden’s!” Kabel