Marv Levy tonight at McFadden’s

Hello all,

As you already know, tonight Marv Levy will be at McFadden’s to sign copies of his recently published book, “Where Else Would You Rather Be?”

Matt Kabel talked with Coach Levy last night, and he’s just as excited as we are!

We’ve also confirmed shipment of 250 copies of the book. They’re there, waiting!!!

Here are all the details in yesterday’s e-mail about the signing and drink special:

To summarize and reiterate some very important details:

Coach Levy will be signing books from 6:30-8:30. We did our very best to gauge the crowd size, and we estimate that he’ll need the entire two hours to get to everyone. If demand exceeds what we expect, it’ll be up to Marv to continue signing or not. To ensure the maximum amount of books signed within the two hours, it is essential that you do your part and help us move the line efficiently.

We need you to help us with and keep in mind the following items:

Signings will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Be courteous and let people through the crowd. Cutting lines or pushing will not be tolerated. Please be patient.

It is REQUIRED that you write out a post-it note with exactly what you want Marv to sign. They’ve also requested that we limit the words to just names only. And write clearly!

Coach Levy will not pose for individual pictures during the signing. It takes too long. Our own photographer, Anna, will be on hand to take plenty of pictures.

Again, nothing other than his book will be signed. No exceptions!

For obvious reasons, there will be no food or drinks allowed in the “signing area.” We’ll have a table right before to put down your drink. An NYCBBB staff member will be at that table minding the drinks, as well as checking to see if your post-it note(s) is ready.

Once the book is signed, we ask you to please move right along so the next person… You get the point!

I’m am absolutely ecstatic right now! To answer the title of his book, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than at McFadden’s with Marv Levy tonight.

— Matt “can’t believe he’s about to meet a legend” Soreco