Marv Levy Signing Details

Marv Levy

Hello all 896 Bills fans!

Everybody enjoying the snow? Spent 30 minutes last night trying to dig out a spot for our car. Also, I want to apologize to any of you who emailed me in the last week that I didn’t reply to. I’ve received hundreds of emails since last Tuesday about the Levy event, and have been quite busy with work as well.

In about 30 hours, we will be hanging out with legendary Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy and his wife Fran Levy! Both are very excited to come to McFadden’s and meet the Bills fans of New York City. NYCBBB and McFadden’s staff met on Friday to work out all of the logistics for this awesome event. Please read this email, which includes NEW INFO, and help us make this event as successful as possible.

– The signing will occur from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. After the 8:30 deadline, it will be Marv and Fran’s call whether they continue signing books. Again, they will sign copies of his book ONLY. Please do not try to get anything else signed. Info on the drink special is below.

– To expedite the process, Marv wants everybody to fill out what they want him to sign on a post-it note. We will provide the materials to do this. Marv also asked that you keep your requests to NAMES ONLY. He prefers to not sign more than that to save time so he can meet all of you.

– Marv will not pose for individual pictures during the signing. It simply takes too much time to pose for them, and would prefer to use that time saying hello to all of you. NYCBBB’s own photographer, Anna, will be on hand to snap plenty of pictures

– Books will be on sale at the DJ booth (where the wings usually are) for $25 each, which includes the tax. We will accept cash or personal checks made out to Matt Soreco along with a driver’s license or credit card for proof of identity. We recommend bringing a bag if you’re purchasing more than one book.

– We have ordered 250 books. Marv’s publisher has notified us that he can only sign about 300 books in a 2 hour period. Considering many of you already purchased the book, Marv wouldn’t be able to sign any more books than what we ordered. If we run out, it was due to the max amount we were allowed to order.

– We will be running a ‘Marv Levy Special’ on NYCBBB t-shirts. They will be on sale for $10 each and can also be purchased at the DJ booth.

– From 5:30 to 9:30 – pints of Bud, Bud Light, and Labatt Blue will be $3 each. There will be no wings out, but you can order from the McFadden’s menu if you want food.

– We will be showing either the Raiders blowout or the Comeback. Those of you who emailed me saying you have these games, please bring them and arrive early.

– Channel 7 News in Buffalo (remember Irv Weinstein???) will be in NYC on Tuesday filming a story on NYCBBB member Bernie Tolbert, who is Senior Vice President at the NBA. The funny thing is that Bernie told them they have to work around him getting his book signed by Marv Levy, so you may see TV cameras briefly at the signing! We’ll probably skip Bernie to the front of the line so they can get footage and be on their way back to MSG for more filming. He will be the ONLY person we’ll do this for.

We recommend that you arrive early for this event, as we are expecting a HUGE crowd. I am still receiving RSVP’s, so I expect Marv to be busy signing for the entire 2 hours. NYCBBB and McFadden’s staff will be working together to make the lines flow and keep everybody happy, so please follow the above rules to help us make this a successful event.

— Matt ‘talkin proud and fired up for tomorrow!” Kabel