Tailgate at the Ralph

Hello my fellow Buffalo Bills fans!

Phew! That was a nail biter, eh? The Bills squished the fish 20-16 yesterday in what should have been a blow-out after taking a 17-0 lead. Looks like Kelly Holcomb provided the necessary spark, and the luck of the ‘Kelly’ name in Buffalo sports prevails.

I’ve said in past emails (and to many of you yesterday in Calicos who thought we had it won with 17 points in the 3rd quarter) that for the Bills to win, they need to put up at least 20 points. Our defense has enough playmakers that they can keep any team to less than 20 points, as evidenced by yesterday’s fumble jarring hit by Nate Clements at the end of the game. It was an ugly win, but we needed it to keep us in the playoff hunt.

The Bills are now 2-3, but what matters is that we’re 1-0 in the division. If we pull off a win against Vinnie Testaverde and the Jets next weekend in Orchard Park, we’ll be 3-3 and 2-0 in the division, which means we’ll be in good shape! It won’t be easy though, the Jets beat Tampa Bay yesterday, the team that steamrolled us last month.

If you’re not heading to the Promised Land for the game, McFadden’s and Calico’s will both be rocking with Bills fans!

Bills @ Jets NYCBBB Tailgate
Several of us NYCBBB members will be at the game in Orchard Park this weekend, and will be tailgating in a private lot off of 20A/Big Tree Road. We’ll be located next to Kenny Johnson’s Pinto tailgate in Lot 1 – Pole 5 on the other side of the tree line. We’ll have 2 kegs of Blue Light which we’ll charge $5 per cup for unlimited beer. We’ll also have plenty of grill space, so feel free to bring some food to throw on there. The good thing about being in the private lot is that we’ll be setting up at 10am for the 4pm game, whereas the Bills lot won’t be open until noon. Here’s a map, we’ll be in the white area directly to the right of Kenny’s tailgate (its pole 5, NOT 6,) so if you find him, you’ll find us!

If you’re planning on tailgating with us, please let me know by replying to this email!

Vote for the Bills!!!
The Bills are in the finals for the Best Tailgating Town! Please go and vote:

We got word that sending emails to Hall of Fame voters actually HURTS Mr. Wilson more than it helps. We’ve decided to change directions and are going to update the site with more info on Ralph Wilson, and try to get some testimonials from former players, coaches, etc. and then try and promote it through the media We feel this will be more effective, and will keep you up to date.

Doesn’t working on a Monday (those of you that have to today!) feel SO much better after a big win? Especially against the Dolphins???

J – E – T – S

— Matt “talkin’ proud and fired up to see the Bills trounce the Jets” Kabel