Yikes Part II

Hello all,

Losman’s experiencing some growing pains for sure. Lets home he learns quick, and gets out of the funk he’s in. Call me crazy, but I thought he’d jump right in and do well, and our D would carry the team ala the Ravens in 00/01. Does he know that there are other receivers besides Moulds!?!?! I guess after this long, I’m growing impatient.

Very bad news… Takeo Spikes is done for the season with a torn Achilles. Man this Monday can’t get any worse. I wish him a speedy and full recovery.

A very important announcement…

We got word that the men’s room in McFadden’s was vandalized yesterday. I’m sitting here writing this in disbelief that this even has to be addressed. I’m embarrassed. Last year they brought in a bathroom attendant one week and people hated it. We let McFadden’s know, and the attendant was gone the next week. I don’t care what the outcome of the game is, there is never an excuse to act like an animal. If an attendant is needed to prevent vandalism, then there’s not much we can say or do about it.

I know 99% of our members are very good people. So, rather than lecturing you all on proper behavior, we ask that you let us know if you see anyone doing anything stupid. They will be kicked out for good.

We’re always looking for feedback. Good or bad. The wings were better this week, right? Anything else we should know about? The best way to voice your opinion is on our message board. That way we can see it, fellow members can see it, and McFadden’s and Calico’s staff can see it.

Queens Backers in Maspeth
We’re doing our best to create the largest network of Bills fans possible. Last week we mentioned a Backers in Rockland County. This week we’re we’d like to tell you about a Backers in Maspeth, Queens. Phil Hickey contacted us and let us know about his venture into Backershood. They are located at:
53-73 65 Place
Maspeth, NY 11378

If you want to know more about the Queens club, contact Phil at:

Fundraising for Katrina
Remember, this week we will be raising funds for Katrina. More details will be in Thursday’s e-mail.

Someone give me some good news, please! No, saving money by switching to Geico doesn’t count!!!

— Matt Soreco