New York Jets in Buffalo Tickets Available

Hello all 1,176 Bills fans!

We had a nice crowd of over 40 fans turn out for the Bills/Bears pre-season game on a beautiful Saturday afternoon! Too bad the Bills didn’t look as good as the day did! Don’t worry, it’s only pre-season, no better time to make mistakes!

This Sunday afternoon, the Bills/Lions game will be televised at McFadden’s. Since its Labor Day Weekend, please RSVP by replying to this email ASAP if you plan on attending.

Jets @ Bills
Our members have reserved around 50 seats for the Bills/Jets game in Buffalo on October 16th at 4:15pm. I have a bunch of other seats on hold, but due to the high demand for tickets for this game, the Bills have only given me another few days to sell them before turning them over to the public. Your NYCBBB staff is already planning a big tailgate party for before the game, and trying to work out other details. Unfortunately, the Bills have told us they won’t give us a tour of the stadium that Saturday, and haven’t gotten back to me with info about working something out. Once we get more info, we’ll email all of you attending and work out a plan for that weekend (dinner at Anchor Bar?) to ensure a great time for all! Tickets are $49 and the last remaining! Luckily, we have our own section (sec 222, right in front of the Casino Suite!) so you’ll be sitting with fellow NYC Backers. Also, it’s a great game to bring your NY Jets fans to so you can show them how great WNY really is! If you’re interested, email Chris at the Bills:

Also, let me know if you’ve bought tickets and plan on attending so you can work with us to make it an incredible weekend!

I think we have the Sahlen Hot Dog situation under control…I’ll let you know as soon as we do!

Go Bills!!!

— Matt ‘talkin’ proud believe we have the Sahlen situation under control’ Kabel