New York Jets Tailgate and Buffalo New Years Weekend

Hello all 1,435 Bills fans!

The Bills close out the regular season this Sunday against the equally pitiful Jets at the “Swamplands” in New Jersey. Some fans hope we lose this game for the chance at a better draft pick, but not me! I’ve been to the last three Jets/Bills games here and we’ve lost every time, so they better win this time around. I’ll also be sitting behind the Bills’ bench so I’m deciding which sign to make: FIRE DONAHOE or DON’T LEAVE US MOULDS! (By the way, the Donahoe opinion is solely mine, not that of NYCBBB!)

We have some important updated info on NYCBBB’s New Years Weekend. If you’re partaking (or thinking of) in any of it, please read on:

New Years Eve Party at Tracks
We’ll be throwing our New Year’s Eve Party at Tracks Bar & Grill located in the Long Island Railroad section of Penn Station. It may be in Penn Station, but it’s a really nice place that boasts great food, great times, and the longest bar in Manhattan! From 9pm-1am $50 will get you unlimited beer, wine, WELL drinks, and a large buffet of food. This is an incredible deal on New Years Eve in Manhattan, so feel free to bring non-Bills fan friends, I know I am. Best part is that it’ll be super easy to get to by subway or train. Thanks to all of you that have been rsvp-ing, please continue to do so in an effort to get an accurate count! Looks like a good crowd is shaping up, so we’ll see ya there!

Bills @ Jets
We aren’t really sure whether the lots open at 7:30 or 8:30am as the Jets website says both, but we can guarantee that Kenny ‘Pinto Ron’ Johnson will be there to open our tailgate! He’s bringing the famous bowling ball for shots, the bar, canopies if needed, firewood, and a helmet for deep frying wings (that should be interesting?)

As always we’ll be meeting in Lot C – Pole 16 which is located on the southeast side of the stadium. Parking is $15 and we recommend getting there early so you can park near us. One of our members who plans on being there early will be flying his Bills flag on a VERY tall pole, so look out for that.

There’ll be plenty of grill space so if you want to bring food to cook and don’t have a grill, feel free to bring it anyways! NYCBBB will also be providing 3 kegs of beer, which $5 will get you unlimited amounts of. We’ll be using this as our only fundraiser this year, so please help us out as all proceeds go to the NYCBBB fund which provides these emails, our webpage, tailgates in Buffalo, etc.

Don’t have a ticket? You have two options, either visit our message board and buy one, or just come for the tailgate and not bother with the game! We’ve heard from lots of fans that are coming JUST to tailgate since our parties there have become legendary. I’m sure somebody will have the game on a tv in the parking lot.

Please use the message board to buy tickets (lower level and suite available):

There will be no NYCBBB bus this year due to the holiday so either drive, get a ride, or take the bus:

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the New Year’s Eve party and Jets tailgate! I have one bit of advice for those of you that are attending both events as I am…GET SLEEP ON FRIDAY!!!!



— Matt “talkin’ proud and know this weekend will be a debacle” Kabel