New York Jets Tailgate and New Years

Hello all,

Well that was a surprise. The Bills finally woke up and put an end to their away losing streak. Is McGee exciting or what?! And to Chad Johnson… Thanks for the gift! I enjoyed the win.

Remember this Sunday is our 4th Annual Tailgate Party at the Meadowlands! We’ll be gathering at our customary spot (Lot 16C). If you’re driving, get there early to get a spot. Be there!

Here’s more info, including info on kegs, grill space, etc.:

Also remember that we’re having a New Years Eve party at Tracks Bar & Grill. I hope you all can make it! Although you don’t need to RSVP, please let us know if you plan to attend if you haven’t done so already. That way we can help Tracks gauge the size of the crowd.

See you this weekend,

— Matt Soreco