Buffalo Bills at New York Jets 4pm, Tailgate Time

Hello to All 1,578 Re-energized NYC Bills Fans!

“It’s the most wonder-ful time of the year!” No, this isn’t another Matt Kabel Holiday Music special, it’s the Kevin’s Ready to Tailgate in the Swamp for the 5th Consecutive year! We’ve got lots to cover, include Tailgate info, Tickets, Sabres, the Pinto on NFL Films, Time Change for the Dolfelons game and tickets for the last two home games! Enjoy:

New Jersey Jets vs. Buffalo Bills Tailgate
Are you ready for NYCBBB’s Legendary 5th Annual Tailgate Party this Sunday??? We will again be in Lot 16, Pole C, which is conveniently located near several portable bathrooms. Parking is $15, and the lots open at 10am. History suggests they will be open earlier than that but we will be there starting around 10:30am to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL 50 degree weather and I suggest getting there early to get a spot near us. There are a bunch of us that don’t have tickets and are going strictly to tailgate so I expect everyone to show up. No excuses! There is even setting up some TVs and watch the game from the parking lot. If you are interested let me know.

Beer n’ Food
We’ll have kegs of beer and bulk quantities of mimosas and bloody marys. $5 will get you an unlimited amount of all of these fine alcoholic beverages. There will be plenty of grill space around, so feel free to bring food to cook!

Saturday Night
We know a lot of folks will be coming from out of town for the game and are looking for a place to catch the Sabres play the hated Canadians. Our Sabres bar is the Blue Moon on 75th and 1st and they will have the game on as well as Labatt Blue on special during the game. Also, if you are going to the Sabres/Devils game next Tues or need tickets let me know!

Tickets for the Jets Game
Got any extras? Need some? Right now I know of two people that have an extra seat. Let me know if you are interested in tickets and I’ll try to coordinate. You can also post on our message board.

NFL Films
Remember back in September when our friend Michelle brought an NFL film crew with her for our NYCBBB Roadtrip to document Kenny’s tailgating festivities? After months of hard work she is ready to present it to the world! Be sure to turn in to ESPN Monday morning at 3:30am (right about the time you should be sobering up after the game) as well as Tues at 1:30pm. If you are like me and like to sleep/work during those hours, be sure to set you Tivo!

Time Change
Once again the Bills have been chosen to star in the 4pm afternoon game. Their home game against the Dolfelons (which I know a lot of you will be there for) has been moved to 4pm. I’ll help the NFL explain:

“With the Bills winning two of their last three games — all decided by a field goal and some terrible calls by the refs in the San Diego game — and the Dolphins earning victories in four of their last five games despite starting Joey Harrington at QB, the move to the 4:05 PM ET start will enable many more fans across the country to see these two teams on the rise. It’s a much bigger showcase for Buffalo and Miami, even though we all hate Miami and know they suck” said Howard Katz, NFL Senior VP of Broadcasting.

Bills Ticket Offer
Need tickets for the Dolfelons or Titans game on Christmas Eve? The Bills have a special offer for NYCBBB members. Call 1-877-BB-TICKS, ext 8912 and mention code GPBB to save $3 per ticket as well as receive a commemorative cup.

And…..I’m spent. I look forward to seeing everyone bright and EARLY Sunday afternoon!