San Diego Chargers at Buffalo Bills

Hello all 1,589 NYC Buffalo Bills Fans!

67 degrees on November 30th! I don’t even feel comfortable playing my Christmas music in this weather! No fear though, the Chargers will be forced to leave the 70 degree weather of California to face the Bills in 35 degree Ralph Wilson Stadium with snow showers! Let’s see how Phil Rivers likes THAT! Players said that even though there were 10,000 empty seats last week, it was the loudest crowd they’ve heard in years! That’s because the fair weather fans are gone and the REAL fans are supporting this team!

Yes, I am a fan of the exclamation points this morning, but how can I NOT be? The Bills have won 3 out of the last 4 games, are back in playoff contention, JP is showing signs of promise (as is the offensive line,) and we will be taking on the best team in football at home in cold weather with the potential for snow!

Kickoff is at 1pm this Sunday, McFadden’s and Calico’s will be fully staffed and is ready for us. To those of you who have missed the last 2 exciting games, this is your chance to make it out and watch what is sure to be one heck of a Bills game! You’ll even get to see the NFL’s best player in action, LT, who is en route to breaking the single season TD record. Will the Bills be able to stop him?

My wife was at the bars this weekend with the little guy (who had a blast) and she asked “what happened to all the regulars from the first few years of NYCBBB?” I don’t know, where are all of you guys? You know who you are, and I hope to see you back where you belong this weekend to join the faithful who have been making it out and having a blast the last few weeks!

It’s the most…wonderful time…of the year….

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We’ll see you at the bars! GO BILLS!!!


Jets Game
As we said earlier this week, the Jets game next Sunday has been moved to 4:15pm. Kevin Smith will have tailgate details out to you soon, see you in 16C as always!


— Matt “talkin’ proud and fired up for Sunday!” Kabel