Feedback Needed!

Hello all

Boy, that was one heck of a frustrating loss huh? However, let’s focus on the bright spots here:

1) We were 11 POINT underdogs, biggest point spread in the NFL this week
2) Our defense, playing with 5 rookies at many points, managed to make Tom Brady have one of his worst outings in years.
3) We DOMINATED the Patriots for the first half!
4) Lindell hit a 53 yarder!
5) JP had a rating of 86.1 and converted some great third down throws and didn’t throw an interception!

Sure we could have won the game, but at least the team and coaching staff showed that they can roll with the big boys! This will make Sunday’s game against the Dolphins a lot more interesting!

For those of you that attended yesterday, we need to hear your feedback. Had a great time? Terrible time? Let us know! We are well aware of the TVs in Calicos not working until kickoff, and will work with the bars to ensure that does not happen again.

We got so crowded that the bars had to stop letting people in at one point. As we always say, if you want a seat at either bar, you need to be there by 11am or make reservations at Calicos before hand.

50 pounds of Sahlen hot dogs were picked up in Buffalo and delivered to McFadden’s last night by member Paris Daskalakis. Paris runs a law firm in midtown, so if you need an attorney for anything, be sure to look him up!

We got word that some fans were heckling some Giants fans that were guests of one of our members in McFadden’s. This will not be tolerated and in the future fans giving ANYBODY a hard time will be asked to leave. We want these bars to be friendly and open to all football fans since many members want to bring friends with them to experience the NYCBBB atmosphere. Who knows, some of these fans may convert to our side! Seriously, anybody not being courteous is out, we want this to be a fun and comfortable atmosphere for everybody.

Hoboken Backers
For those fans in northern New Jersey that have a hard time making it to the city for Bills games, look no further! A group of Bills fans have started a Hoboken Bills Backers!

Hope everybody had as great of a time as I did at the game!

— Matt “talkin’ proud and the Bills don’t look too shabby…” Kabel