A Fresh Start!

Hello all you 1,440 NYC Bills fans!

We promised to keep you up to date with all the breaking news at One Bills Drive, but if we had done that the last two weeks you’d have received over ten emails by now! Tom Donahoe has been rightly fired as GM and replaced by none other than Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy. 80 year old Levy may not have been the best choice, but he will reestablish the trust and character that the organization has lost over the last five years. He’s also one hell of a talent evaluator as we all know!

The latest news is that Mike Mularkey has quit as head coach, as announced just now in a live press conference.

Who are the leading candidates to replace him? Marv said it’s going to be a straight shooter, a good teacher, and somebody who can work with everybody in the organization. Ralph Wilson said that money is not a factor and neither is previous head coaching experience. Here are three likely candidates:

Jim Haslett – former Bills linebacker and New Orleans head coach. Rumor has it that he and his wife, a former Buffalonian, want to come back to the Queen City. However, he’s had some underachieving teams in recent years, and may command a high salary. Many think he’s take a pay cut to return to Buffalo.

Ted Cottrell – Former defensive coordinator for the Bills under Wade Philips who went on to coach for the Jets and Vikings.

Bobby April – Obviously our special teams coach. Marv Levy was a special teams coach (err…kicking coach, sorry Marv!)

Of course, in the past the hired head coach has been somebody off the radar, so we’ll have to wait and see.

ESPN and others are reporting that the last week of firings has made the Buffalo Bills the laughing stock of the NFL. Sorry ESPN but – 6 straight years missing the playoffs, 1 teasing winning season in 5 years, 2 failed head coaches, the trust of the fans being destroyed, and being WORSE OFF AFTER 5 YEARS FROM WHERE WE STARTED – have made us a laughing stock. This may be ugly, but needed to be done. Tom Donahoe took us down a horrible path, now it’s up to Marv to get us back on track so we can rebuild and move on.

NYCBBB will try to give you summaries of all the latest Bills news at least once a week during what is sure to be an exciting off-season! For daily updates, be sure to check out www.BillsDaily.com.

NYCBBB’s 5th Annual Draft Party will be held on Saturday, April 29th. The Bills have four picks on the first day, so it should be an exiting afternoon! Details to come….

— Matt “talkin’ proud and SO HAPPY DONAHOE IS OUT AND MARV IS IN!” Kabel