No Coach Yet

Hello all!

We were hoping to use today’s weekly update to announce that the Bills have named their new head coach, however it looks like that’ll have to wait until next week. You can ignore most of what ESPN is saying because they’ve been completely wrong in the majority of their Bills reports the last week. Stick with The Buffalo News and Rochester D & C who are reporting the facts.

Oh…and if you haven’t seen the hilarious ESPN Buffalo Bills commercial, let me know and I’ll email it to you. It’s a HUGE file, so make sure you have room in your inbox.

These are who the two top candidates are as of now:
Mike Sherman – recently fired as head coach of the Packers where he boasted a 57-39 record including two 12-4 seasons. Some argue that he inherited a Super Bowl team, which is pure BS, because he actually inherited a 8-8 Packers team on the decline and turned them into a 12-4 team after two years. It’s been reported that he “knocked the socks off” of Marv and Ralph Wilson by laying out a plan to fix the Bills offense. It also helps that he wanted to draft JP Losman to be Brett Favre’s heir-apparent in Green Bay until we stole him away. Another plus is that he could bring Jim Bates, a HIGHLY regarded defensive coordinator, with him to run our defense.

Dick Jauron – Even though he only had a 35-46 record as head coach of the Bears which included a 13-3 season, its rumored that he’s a leading candidate. Why? Marv is a Chicago boy and covered the Bears on radio during Jauron’s stint there and is a big fan of his. One interesting stat – Jauron’s teams are 1-7 against Sherman’s. Maybe he didn’t have enough talent in Chicago, I don’t know, but I wish I had more positive things to say about him since he might be our new head coach…

It’s being reported that Jim Haslett is not in the running anymore, could it be that the Bills are still angry over his Kent Hull steroid accusations? Dom Capers will interview today, but is a long shot considering he couldn’t win after four years with the Texans. James Lofton interviewed yesterday, but only has four years coaching experience. Bobby April is a long shot as well. Ron Rivera of Chicago is rumored to be getting an interview, but look for the Bills to go with experience in Sherman or Jauron. Be sure to check out for news over the weekend.

I usually don’t mention the Sabres in my emails because whenever I do, they lose the next game. Since they’re on a long road trip through Canada, I think it’d be ok just this once! The Sabres take on the Rangers this Tuesday night at MSG. NYCBBB’s own Kevin Smith has arranged for over 50 of us to go root them on. We’ll be meeting at Tracks Bar & Grill in Penn Station for a few pre-game cocktails if anybody wants to join us.

Also, it’s rumored that Buffalo will be selling seats from The Aud in Buffalo! If so, we’ll do everything we can to buy a row to serve as VIP seats watching the games with NYCBBB! How great would that be??? Maybe we’ll put them behind a pole so you can get the whole Aud effect!

Have a great weekend and feel free to post on our message board or shoot me an email to discuss the head coaching candidates!

— Matt “talkin’ proud and hope they hire Sherman!” Kabel