First Preseason Game Tomorrow!

Hi Everyone,

Anybody else notice the air this morning? I paused as I stepped out of my apartment – the air was clean, there was no humidity, and just the tiniest, faintest hint of a chill. It was, dare I say it, the first indication that football weather is coming. I’m pumped.

Speaking of football, our Buffalo Bills are kicking off the preseason tomorrow night at 7pm! The game will be shown as part of a package on the NFL Network where they do live cut-ins of 6 games. If you don’t get the NFL Network at home we will be showing the game at the Blue Moon (75th and 1st). At this time we are still confirming that the bar can show it, so please give them a call tomorrow before heading out. Their number is (212) 288-9811. Your favorite bartenders from the Sabres game, Harvey and Ritchie, will be behind the bar so it’ll be a great time.

We have a few tickets left for the home opener against the Jets. Ticketmaster is only selling single seats so we are your best option for tickets! Please email me if you are interested in heading up there with us.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather. We’ll be sending out more info on the upcoming season and home opening tailgate soon!

Let’s Go Buffalo!

— Kevin