Buffalo Bills vs. Carolina Panthers Recap

Hello all 1,509 NYC Buffalo Bills Fans!!!

To all the new members that signed up through BuffaloBills.com, welcome to Bills heaven in the New York City area! Last year we packed both McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s for the majority of the season, and expect to do the same this year! We’ll send out an email before the September 10 opener that explains the specials and the differences between the bars. We usually get a ton of signups that week, so we want to make sure everybody is on the same page that Sunday! In the meantime, check outnycbbb.com for details!

One pre-season game down, three to go! The Bills take on the Cincinnati Bengals tomorrow night in good ol’ Orchard Park. The game won’t be televised live here, but will be shown on the NFL Network at 1pm on Saturday. You can probably catch that game at Blue Moon on 75th and First Avenue, but call ahead first.

For anybody that missed the first game, here were some highlights:

  • JP Losman outplayed Kelly Holcomb. Losman had more playing time and played against the Carolina 2nd team, but overall was able to move the offense on 3 scoring drives. He’ll be starting tomorrow night and is expected to play the entire first half. If he plays halfway decent, look for him to be named the regular season starter by Monday. Throughout camp, he has been the best of the three quarterbacks.
  • Sam Aiken, who many thought might get cut, had a solid game and led the team in receiving. There is even an article in today’s Rochester D&C comparing him to the great Steve Tasker.
  • Kyle Williams, DT – ever heard of him? Most haven’t, but he was our 5th round pick this year and has been turning heads in camp. He made headlines with his dominant play in his first NFL game last week and has taken over the starting role from Tim Anderson. Free agent Larry Tripplet and first round pick John McCargo also played well.
  • With injuries to Coy Wire and Matt Bowen, 8th overall pick Donte Whitner has been thrust into the starting SS job faster than expected. He led the team in tackles last week, and will hopefully improve his play even more tomorrow night.
  • Ryan Lindell went 2 for 2 on field goals, including a 53 yarder!

We reserved 100 tickets for the Buffalo Bills home opener against the Jets and I believe we are just about sold out. If you have any desire to attend, please contact Kevin Smith at Kevin@nycbbb.com

Thanks to all that sent well wishes for Nicole and I with our upcoming delivery. I assure you that I am doing everything in my power to will this kid out before his September 10 due date so that I can be with all of you for kickoff! Football Gods…where are you???


— Matt “talkin’ proud and love Marv Levy!” Kabel