Training Camp!

Hello all 1,451 Bills fans!

It’s that time of the year again, the sounds of helmets clashing is upon us once again! The 2006 training camp for the Buffalo Bills starts this weekend at St. John Fischer in Rochester. This means that your NYCBBB team has also gotten to work on our 2006 season at McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s.

Matt Soreco and I have become very busy lately. He’s working on his new house and busy with his job so he’s not able to be as involved with the club this year as much as in the past. As some of you know, Nicole and I are expecting our first child on none other than September 10th. He must already be a Bills fan because that’s the date of the Bills season opener against the Patriots! Let’s all pray he comes early so dad won’t have to bring a TV into the delivery room.

As a result of our increasing busy lives and Michelle and Anna moving away from NYC leaving only Kevin and Phil to run things with us…it was decided to simplify the going-ons at the bars. We asked you all in a survey what the most important aspects of watching games with NYCBBB are. These were how you ranked them:

1) Having the game on with picture and sound
2) Friendly Service
3) Good wings
4) Canadian Beers
5) Food

We took that and decided that if the game is on and you can hear it, the staff is friendly, and you have wings and beer….everybody is happy! With that, we are going to ditch the football menu and beef on weck. We are going to continue with Sahlen hot dogs as long as people order them. Other than that, we will continue with everything as it ran last year. You will again be able to make reservations at Calico Jacks in advance, McFadden’s will be first come first serve as it always has been. The specials will be the same again as well:

2006 Drink/Wing Specials for McFadden’s and Calico Jacks:

  • $30 – All the draft beer (including Labatt Blue/Molson Canadian) you can drink and wings you can eat
  • $20 – All the Bud/Bud Lite draft you can drink and wings you can eat
  • $15 – All the POP you can drink and wings you can eat
  • $1 off all mixed drinks
  • $2 TKO Shots

The times of the special will revolve around the time of the game:
All specials are from one (1) hour before the game until the end of the game. Doors will open at 11:00 for 1:00 game days! They cannot serve you booze until noon, but you can come in, get a bite to eat, have some coffee, and watch the pre-game show.

We have tickets on hold for the home opener against the Jets. Please email Kevin Smith if you are interested in heading up there with us!

For now that’s about it, we’ll start updating you weekly on happenings at training camp and help everybody get fired up for the season!

More to come….


— Matt “talking proud and fired up to raise a Bills fan!” Kabel