Spread the Word!

Hello 1,498 Bills fans,

The season is right around the corner. And there is no better time than now to spread the word about NYCBBB. I know it’s already a routine for some of you vets, but for all you rookies… Help spread the word! Let every Bills fan you come across know that the place to be on Sundays is Little Buffalo (42nd and 2nd). Send them the link, stop them on the street. We’re at almost 1,500 members now. I want 2,000!

Some Bills News
Although his game against the Bengals wasn’t mistake free, it appears that Losman is improving and will be the starting QB on opening day. McGahee broke a 60 yard TD in the game. Will we see some of that breakaway speed in the regular season? Spikes is said to be progressing as planned and may play some on Saturday. Anyone else ready for the first T!K!O! chant of the season? Go to www.billsdaily.com for all the latest news and rumors.

If anyone you haven’t visited the Bills official site in a while, you should check out their multimedia section. They have a lot of game and practice highlights, interviews, press conferences, and other videos to keep you in tune with what’s going on. Check it out:

We’ll be e-mailing more and more as the season gets closer. For now, spread the word!

— Matt Soreco