Survey Time and UB Basketball

Hello all 1,433 NYC Bills fans!

Walking to my new job this morning brought me past a dark and quiet McFadden’s/Calico Jack’s, and it got me thinking – what are the odds of me sleeping in my office if the Bills have a night game on a work night next season? I mean, I work across the street for crying out loud, why go all the way back to Brooklyn?

Not much news to come out of One Bills Drive this week. The Bills will predictably slap the franchise tag on Nate Clements if no long deal can be worked out. They will also do what they can to restructure Eric Moulds’ deal so he can remain a Bill next year. The excitement should pick up in a few weeks when free agency starts, and we can see who Marv Levy goes after.

It’s that time of the year again where we ask for YOUR input! I want to thank Phil Mann for putting this together. Please take a minute and fill out the survey below so that you can help us help you! Just reply to this email and type in your answers in the allotted spots, and feel free to offer any other feedback you have from watching the games with NYCBBB at McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s last year!

NYCBBB Annual Member Survey
Now that the Not-So Super Bowl is behind us and the draft is ahead of us – and the Bills’ have both added a Dick (Jauron) and removed a dick (Donahoe) from their management team – the NYCBBB staff hopes you’ll take a couple of minutes out of your day to participate in the following survey regarding McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s.

Why a survey?

Your collective responses will help us accomplish three things on your behalf. They will:
• Update us on what parts of the game-viewing experience you value most;
• Help us generate new ideas;
• Give us information to share with the two restaurants/bars in terms of priorities for next year.

The survey
How many games did you watch with NYCBBB last year?
___ 1-4 ___ 5-8 ___ 9-12 ___ 13-16

Where did you watch those games?
___ McFadden’s ____ Calico Jack’s ___ Both places

What matters to you most (check as many as 3)?
___ Clear picture/sound on TVs
___ The specials
___ The wings
___ The beer
___ Fast, consistent service
___ Other (please be as specific as possible)

What could we/should do better or differently? Please be as specific as possible.

Anything else to add?


If you watched fewer than five games with us last year, please explain why
___ I went to the games
___ I watched them at home whenever possible
___ I checked out other bars
___ It’s not my only priority; I do other things on Sundays, too
___ Um, did you notice how badly the Bills sucked?
___ Other (please be as specific as possible)

If you have kids…
How many do you have, and how old are they? ______________________

Did you bring them to Calico Jack’s last year? _______________________
If “no,” why not?
If “yes,” will you bring them again next year?


UB Bulls Basketball
The UB Bulls basketball team will make a rare appearance in the NYC area when they take on Iona College tomorrow at 2pm. The game should be televised on ESPN, so either head to the game or catch it on the tube. Please visit for more info!

Enjoy your long weekend everybody!

— Matt “talkin’ proud and may invest in a blow up bed for under my desk” Kabel