New Coaches, New Email

Hello all 1,445 NYC-area Bills fans!

First of all, I’m switching jobs so please discontinue use of the address that I’ve used the last five years and use from now on. My new job at a midtown marketing firm has two HUGE positives – 1) They’ll be frequently flying me up to Buffalo on business 2) It’s located on 42nd and 2nd, right across the street from McFadden’s/Calico Jacks! What were the odds of that?!

The Bills are going through huge changes as well! Steve Fairchild, who coached the running backs for the Bills under Gregg Williams and then served as offensive coordinator for the high powered Rams the last three years, will be our new offensive coordinator. He was recruited heavily by two other teams, so we luckily were able to grab him. After a deal fell though to bring in my top pick for defensive coordinator, Jim Bates, the Bills brought in former Chicago Bears secondary coach Perry Fewell. Fewell has never been a coordinator but is in the mold of Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy, who run VERY successful Cover 2 defenses on their teams. Expect him to run a similar defense in Buffalo this year. Overall, most fans think both are solid hires. Will this translate into wins? Who knows, but it’s going to continue to be an exciting off-season!

The other big news today is that the Bills can slap a franchise tag on Nate Clements for $5.89 million, which is CHEAP compared to past years. This low price will give the Bills major leverage if they seek to trade Clements, and if they don’t like any offers can keep him at a reasonable salary. Now…what to do with Eric “old but still has it” Moulds and Mike “waste of space” Williams…

As always, be sure to check out for news!

I wanted to thank Kevin Smith for putting together an AWESOME group for the Sabres/Rangers game at MSG last week! We had around 70 NYCBBB Sabres fans in our section and were so loud, we had the ENTIRE GARDEN booing us every time we did a Buffalo chant! Members on the other side of MSG said they could hear us and that the Rangers fans were infuriated at how loud we were! We even got some looks from the Sabres bench as they cruised to a 2-1 victory! Oh yeah, the Sabres won their 4th game in a row last night and are in 2nd place in the Northeast Division…booh-yah!


— Matt “talkin’ proud and can’t believe I’ll be working across from McFadden’s” Kabel