Bills at NJ Jets, Tailgate Info

Hello all 2,018 NYC Bills fans!

Hope everybody enjoyed their Thanksgivings! I was down on the west coast of Florida for last week’s game which wasn’t televised locally, good thing as I heard it was one of the worst games ever played by a Buffalo Bills team. Fred Jackson is out for the year so its finally time to see if number 9 overall pick CJ Spiller can justify the position at where the Bills took him. The Bills head to NJ to take on the Jets at 1pm, the game will be shown with specials at McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s.

If you’re heading to the game like I am, we’ll be in the same tailgating location that we were in for the Giants game a few weeks ago. Again, McFadden’s will be providing some beer for those heading there that can’t drive, and they’ve decided not to charge for it. Because of this, I ask that you be honest and only use the beer if you had to take mass transit to the game, its a very nice thing for McFadden’s to do for us. I traded texts with Kenny “Pinto Ron” Johnson who will be there as always with his famous tailgate. Please see links below to a map of our location and pictures from the Giants tailgate so you can fully understand where we are. Its called Lot 26 next to the IZOD Center and we’ll be near pole A. We easily had 150+ Bills fans there a few weeks back The best way to describe the location is if you see the huge failed mall they built and you look at the ski ramp, if you drove a car up and off of it you’d fall onto our spot.

Link to Map:

Link to Giants Tailgate Pictures:

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See you Sunday! Go Bills!

Matt “Talkin proud and have a foot injury so feel like I’m on the team” Kabel