Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills, 80 in TV!

Good morning all 2,014 NYC Bills fans!

Sorry for the late email, have been buried at work and forgot to send earlier. The Bills play host to the Titans today at 1pm. Lets be honest here, we’re due for a win. ¬†Specials at McFaddens and Calicos start at noon. If you need added incentive to come down to 42nd and 2nd, McFaddens just replaced the projector with an 80 inch flatscreen! I can’t wait!

My wife’s family, all Jets fans, convinced my 5 year old son that the Jets are awesome and the Bills stink when they babysat him recently. I had to inform him that Santa hates Jets fans and doesn’t deliver presents to them. Oh, and monsters live under their beds.

See you in a few hours!

Matt “talkin proud and don’t want to talk about last week” Kabel