Draft Party, 10 YEARS!, Sabres, and Andre Reed

Hello all somewhere around 2,000 NYC area Bills & Sabres fans!

The first event NYCBBB ever held was a draft party at Bar Coastal on the Upper East Side, where around 20 Bills fans met up to watch the Bills select Mike Williams 4th overall. While talking to McFadden’s, I couldn’t believe it when I realized that was 10 YEARS ago. Could a decade have really gone by since then? We grew from one table of Bills fans in the McFadden’s dining room to filling two bars with hundreds of fans. We’ve hosted the likes of Marv Levy, Tim Russert, Lauren Belfer, NFL Films…the list goes on and on. One thing still awaits us, and that is the ability for us NYC Bills fans to gather on 42nd and 2nd to watch our team in the playoffs. Hopefully, the next step in that process is the upcoming NFL Draft.

With that said, we’d like to announce our 10th Annual Draft Party to take place on Thursday, April 28th at McFadden’s! The Bills hold the 3rd overall pick, and will wind hopefully up with an impact player. Cam Newton? Blaine Gabbert? Von Miller? Come join us to find out, here are the specials for the 3 days:

April 28 – Thursday – McFadden’s will have the first round of the Draft televised with sound starting at 7pm. From 7-11pm, the bar will offer $3 import drafts (including Blue), half priced drink specials, and free wings!

April 29 – Friday – Same special with wings from 7-11pm for rounds 2-3 and will have the sound on shortly before/after the Bills pick (keep in mind its Friday night)

Apr 30 – Saturday – All-you-can-drink/wing specials we use during the season from 11-4pm. The pricing can be found here: https://www.nycbbb.com/features/drink-specials-times/

We’ll see you there!

Andre Reed
It was announced that Andre Reed will be reading the Bills’ 2nd round selection on Friday night. I’m trying my best to reach Andre and tell him to join us on Thursday night to watch the Bills #1 pick with his fellow Buffalo Bills fans at McFadden’s. What would be great is for those of you with Twitter to tweet Andre and ask him to join us at McFadden’s, his handle is @Andre_Reed83 . He’s also promoting his new wing sauce, which we could throw on some wings at the party.

The Sabres kick off their playoff march tonight against the Philadelphia Flyers at 7:30pm. There are several bars around the city you can catch it, but McFadden’s WILL be televising ALL Sabres games during the playoffs! If enough of you turn out, we’ll talk to them about running some drink specials for the games. PEGULA PEGULA PEGULA!!!! GO SABRES!!!

That’s it for now, we’ll send another email closer to the draft with any more details we may have. I’m going, are you?

Matt “talkin proud and fired up that his wife has Sundays off from work now and can go to all the games at McFadden’s again!” Kabel