Offseason, New Lauren Belfer Novel

Hello all 1,880 NYC Bills fans!

First of all, thanks to all of you who supported the bars this season and made NYCBBB what it is!

Well, its over…its finally over. The bad news is that the Bills finished 4-12, have the worst run defense maybe in history, and still have a ways to go to be a contender. Ah, but the good news!

1) The Bills have a starter in Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB for 2011. True, he may not be the long term solution, but you can do a lot worse than The Professor who makes players around him better and somebody us fans can root for.

2) Steve Johnson is a solid #2 Wide Receiver. If he can avoid the drops, he could be a #1.

3) Kyle Williams aka The Meatball is a solid Nose Tackle. Bill Parcels just named him one of the top 2 NTs in the league. With some better players around him he could be a force for years to come and an anchor for the defense.

4) We have the #3 overall draft pick! My thoughts – do whatever it takes to trade up and take Stanford QB Andrew Luck. The guy can play, and we’d likely be set at QB for the next decade. If not, take the best run defender possible. Although as Buffalo Rumblings predicts (and is probably right) Buddy Nix takes the best player available (see Spiller) and we may end of with a WR or CB. Regardless, they need to nail this pick.

5) Finally, I have more faith in Nix/Gaily than I did in any of the coaches/front offices of the last decade. These are two older guys who know football, plain and simple and I think may actually know what they’re doing…but guess we’ll see.

Its going to be an interesting off-season, that’s for sure, and we’ll keep you updated with the latest news. For one last look at the season, check out Phil Mann’s parable on the 2010 Bills:

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Lauren Belfer As many of you know, member Lauren Belfer is a well known novelist who wrote City of Light, the fantastic novel set in Buffalo during the McKinley assassination. Well, Lauren just came out with a new book that takes place here in NYC during WWII and is receiving critical acclaim. You can purchase it here:

Oh, and if you want a laugh follow!/MaybinsUniform on Twitter, making fun of Aaron Maybin, the worst draft choice in Buffalo Bills history.

We’ll be in touch closer to the NFL Draft, until then GO BILLS!!!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud & hopes there’s a 2011 season” Kabel