26 Shirts

Hello all,

Yikes. Last game did not look good. At all. I’m holding back from going in full tirade mode (like some previous years) because the team has some likable and talented guys on it. I’ll save that work for the journalists and more fanatical fans. Plus, at least for me, I have a hard time putting my finger on exactly what’s wrong. Coaching? Players? Some players? Leadership? All players? Most players? One player? QB? WR? Front office? Scouting? Player development? The detergent the equipment staff uses?

I DID want to bring your attention to 26 Shirts. Every 2 weeks they sell a different Buffalo football themed shirt and 100% of the shirts’ profits goes to a family in need.

The current edition, “Frank the Tank,” will benefit our own Matt Kabel and his family to support their daughter Sally’s fight against leukemia. Sales are open through 12/22! http://www.26shirts.com/ I bought mine!

On a side note, I bought the Flash 88 one a few weeks back too. Maybe it’s my age talking, but I put myself on a lifetime ban on mass produced sports merchandise. I can’t help with being frugal when the beneficiaries of my hard earned bucks are multi-million and billion sports teams, leagues, and clothing companies. 26 Shirts’ shirts are unique (i.e. cool) and support families in need.  Win-win!

Also I apologize for the mix-up a few weeks ago when I mentioned that we’d be selling the original Sweet Sally Sunshine shirts at McFadden’s. They WILL be available this week in the main dining area.

Until next time,

Matt Soreco