Thank You and Tailgate Info

Hello all,

What a difference a week makes, eh? We all know what happened. No need for me to recap. Does EJ look composed or what? Sorry I couldn’t resist…

Our celebration was included on along with our friends in Santa Monica and Boston! Check it out:

Eric Wood also retweeted the video. And they played the audio on WGR yesterday morning. Niiiiiiiiiiiice.

I think we’re a very close second to the reaction at the Ralph:

Tailgate info:
Rather than make this the longest e-mail in NYCBBB history, I decided to put all tailgate info together on one page. Please, if you have any questions just e-mail, twitter, or facebook me. I will likely put the answer on the page then e-mail you back the link. This is so I don’t have to type the same things over an over. We need some volunteers, see the page for details and let me know. Here is all the info you need:

Please pass the tailgate info on!

Check out Phil Mann’s latest column, including Fan of the Week:

Check out Mike Coniaris’ pictures (blame Google if the slideshow isn’t working):

The Jambrones
The Jambrones are donating proceeds of sales of their new song to support Sally. Who are The Jambrones? In their own words: “We write big dumb songs about our beloved Buffalo sports teams. What started out as a joke has turned in to a fun tradition for us to write and record original music together and make it about the Bills and Sabres. It’s corny, goofy, and fun.”

Here is their new song:

Get their music here:

Thank You!
Thank you all for making our #supportsally fundraising raffle a success. We met our goal. It’s heartwarming to see such compassion and generosity.

McFadden’s & Calicos deserve a big thank you. Let’s just say they are always ready come gametime (literally and figuratively). Pete Francese, John Ciccia, Dan (aka Soupie) made sure we were in good hands. John and I were reminiscing a little. Things didn’t always run so smoothly during some of our early years. But since Pete and John took over, things changed for the much much better. They are true friends, not just partners.

For those of you who don’t know. John actually originally won BOTH grand prizes. No huge surprise because of odds and his generosity. I swear we shook up the tickets throughout the day! John decided to put the prizes back and had us draw again so “Bills fans could win.” Awesome.

Pete also came up with and delivered on the idea to “sell” a guaranteed reserved table at McFadden’s, which NYCBBB member Emmitt (sorry didn’t get last name) took him up on. All going to #supportsally. Pete also was the super smooth emcee.

Among many other things, Soupie had the task of relaying the info from McFadden’s to Calicos. He also made sure to come get us to go over to Calicos for willing raffle participants. I shouldn’t be surprised he went the extra mile.

Thank you to all who donated items:
+ Book: Then Levy Said to Kelly – Jim Gehman, Author –
+ 2 Bills Ravens Tickets – Lori Chase
+ $100 Amex Gift Card – Debbie Munson
+ Cake Boss Baking Class and Autographed Book – Scott Morrison
+ Hertel Avenue Street Scene Poster – Kevin Polowy
+ $50 Sears Gift Card – Helen Soreco
+ Autographed Jim Kelly Framed Picture – Hunter’s Hope
+ Autographed Mario Williams Jersey – Kabel Family
+ Sabres Steve Ott Autographed Photo – Scott Morrison
+ Homeland Season 1 DVD – Showtime
+ Bills Mafia Prize Package – Del Reid & The Bills Mafia –
+ Macallan Scotch – Macallan
+ 2 VH1 Merchandise Prize Packages – Tom Calderone and VH1
+ 3 $100 Gift Cards to Smith & Wollensky Steak House – McFadden’s
+ Dear God Why Us Sports T-Shirts – Scott Morrison &

I do think the karma of having the signed Mario Williams jersey as a prize played a role in his big sack day!

Thank you also to Scott Morrison and his wife Jessica for needed assistance during the entire event. Not only did Scott start the super cool, funny and popular, he’s a really good dude.

And I have to thank Phil Mann for all of his help in brainstorming, planning and coordinating.

NYCBBB is truly a very large family.

– Matt “praying for Sally every day” Soreco