Bills at Jets, Tailgate on October 26, Get Tickets Now!

Hello all,

Hey long time no e-mail.  How’s everyone doing?

It’s never too early to start planning our yearly invasion of MetLife Stadium, eh? I mean tailgate, not invasion. Or do I? mwahahahahahaha

The Jets have set us up with group rates again. And why shouldn’t they? We bought almost 500 tickets last year!

Here are the details:

Sunday October 26 at 1pm

Ticket link:
Click here.

Code to enter:

This year they are offering us 3 ticket price points:

  • Upper Endzone tickets for $50 (face value of $60)
  • Upper Corner/Sideline for $65 (face value of $95)
  • Upper Sideline/Prime for $75 (face value of $110)

!!!Parking passes are not available yet. They will be available for $25 per parking pass. I will let you know when they are available for sale. They can be purchased separately!!!

You will be able to purchase up to 8 tickets directly through the link.

If you need more than 8, please give Brian Aiello at the Jets a call at 973.549.4883. He will reserve the seats so they are together.

We WILL be having a tailgate again. More details will come nearer the date, but here are some if you are curious:

  • Tailgate location – Lot 26 next to the IZOD Center, near pole A.
  • Everyone is invited to attend. No extra fees to attend tailgate.
  • If you are driving, you’ll need a parking pass.
  • If you are not driving, you can still come to the location.
  • It’s bring your own food and drinks.
  • The bar supplies some beer, but it goes very quickly.
  • More info will be posted here as the date approaches:

Of course if you buy tickets they will be together. I got a lot of questions last year about how our entire group of seats are spread out. Here is some info from Brian himself:

“Depending on the timing of everything is where it can sometimes get spread out. For example with last year, the first say 250-300 people that bought were all in the same sections and pretty tightly grouped together. Once we started going over where we thought the group would be #’s wise it started to get a little more scattered, and with orders closer to the game they were likely a little further apart.

This year, since we are early and internally we’ve been able to coordinate the group seating a little better, I think we can keep the group even tighter grouped.”

I hope you are all enjoying summer!

– Matt “not gonna even mention Kiko” Soreco