Chiefs @ Bills TONIGHT, Minimums Waived at PH

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

I’m still not over that loss to Tennessee last week, I thought Josh Allen played well enough to win but there were too many easy drops (I counted 7, including 3 by Diggs alone) that stalled the offense multiple times. However, the defense was where the real problem was, like water through a strainer the entire night. I know we were down Milano and White, but that can’t happen, and still don’t understand how the almost-elite defense of last year has been playing so poor this year. Hopefully it’s an aberration stemming from a crazy week of COVID rescheduling and uncertainty.

That said, the Bills will be looking to rebound as they host the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs, along with Patrick Mahomes at 5pm today. I honestly think the Bills were already looking ahead to this game when they played last week. It’s going to be one hell of a matchup, and hopefully a fun shootout between Allen/Mahomes. I wonder if they’re going to take turns trying to throw a football out of the stadium?

There are still some seats available at Public House if you want to join other Bills fans to catch the game. The bar is again waving the minimum fee, just email them at to lock it in. They are also accepting RSVPs for Sundays game against the pathetic NJ Jets.

Hope everyone is doing double work right now so you can sign off a little early today!


Matt “Talkin’ proud and can’t believe I had to block off time on my work calendar for a game” Kabel