Bills @ Titans, PH Minimums Waived for Game!

Hello all you 2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

Just for the record, the current standings by state in the NFL are:

New York: 4-0

New Jersey: 0-10

That said I’m gonna keep this email short. I’ve been holding off sending anything as the schedule has been continuing to change due to positive tests in Tennessee and around the NFL, as have COVID restrictions in areas of NYC. It appears the Bills will finally take on the Titans tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 7pm. This is a YUGE matchup as both teams are undefeated. The Chiefs went down to the Raiders yesterday (whom we beat, cough) so the AFC is wiiiiide open for the taking!

Public House is honoring all RSVPs from yesterday’s original game time. As an added bonus, with this game falling on a Tuesday night, all minimums have been waived! There are still tables available, so head to the only bar in the city where you can watch the game safely with 100 other Bills Mafia!

Please RSVP by sending an email to First come, first served.

We’ll be in touch about the Chiefs game, which has been moved to next Monday at 5pm. Hope you’re all blocking off your work calendars for that afternoon like I am.

Until then, LET’S GO BUFFALO!!!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and hoping our guys stay healthy playing these jerks” Kabel