Rams @ Bills, Tables Available!, McFadden’s Closed

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

Josh Allen clearly blew up the Jets and Dolphins defenses which is earning him some due praise across the league, including being named AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors. However the naysayers are out in force and want to see how he does against a good team. He’ll get his chance this Sunday as the Bills take on the Rams in OP. 

The Rams are a solid team, and it appears Milano/Edmunds are going to play. This is gonna be one hell of a matchup. 

The weather forecast for Sunday looked rainy earlier in the week, but is now going to be SUNNY AND WARM here in NYC! As a result, there are still some tables available on a first come, first serve basis. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback for the job Public House has done from attendees the first two games. As somebody remarked, this place feels like home. 

That said, we learned that our old stomping grounds, McFadden’s, has closed their doors. It’s the end of an era and a bummer as that bar was “home” for many of us for 16 years. The Buffalo News wrote about it yesterday:


If you’re a holdover who hasn’t made it out to Public House yet, please come join us in our new home! Limited indoor dining will resume next week, so will have added seats. 

Let’s Go Buffalo!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and so happy we’ve settled into our new home” Kabel