Fish Squished! URGENT Revised RSVP Process For Public House

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

What a game! I had hoped it would be a Josh/Fitz shootout and it sure was. I had read this morning that the on-field temperature would be 103 degrees, and think the defense just got winded in the second half. Injuries obviously hurt too. On the other hand, the offense looked rested after a poor 3rd quarter which is why they were able to capitalize in the 4th. Buffalo was the better team and proved it by scoring when they had to. Josh Allen with 417 yards and 4 touchdowns…damn!

I couldn’t join NYCBBB in the city this week, but went last week. I have only recently ventured out to attempt outdoor dining and I’ll be honest, I felt extremely safe watching the game at Public House. The tables are spread far apart, and they have a strict rule of wearing a mask every time you stand, whether to use the bathroom or cheer for a great play. One thing we implemented was “The Red Zone Mask”, where everybody would put their masks on when the Bills entered the red zone so you could jump up and cheer when warranted. Again, us Bills fans adapt and improvise!

Oh, and sorry for the lack of a weekly email. We were going back and forth with Public House this weekend on some updates to the RSVP process. We’ve agreed to the recommendations below which will be implemented starting TOMORROW. Please remember that the bar is trying to fill every seat to be profitable during this tough time to make this financially work. There is a huge rush for tables on Mondays with a long waiting list, but fans reducing seats or cancelling tables last minute at the end of the week is proving to be a challenge for the bar to remedy.

Again, any other year this wouldn’t be an issue, the bar could just slot people in wherever as they arrive. But with COVID it is a logistical nightmare due to restrictions. We ask that if you’re going to make reservations, it’s because you and your guests 100% intend to attend. Coordinate with your friends in advance and lock those plans in. We’re Bills fans, we can do this!

Also, please remember to respect all of the rules and keep it a safe environment for all your fellow fans.

That said, here are the updated RSVP rules:

1) Booking Headcount
There have been cases where people are booking larger tables on Monday, and then reducing headcount late in the week. As a result, Public House is scrambling to reorganize the seating chart and fill seats at the last minute.

Starting tomorrow, the number of guests a reservation signs for is the number of guests you are responsible for no matter what. It’s always better to book for less and add more as we get closer to the date / confirmation process if availability allows.

2) Cancellation
The original cancellation policy was 48 hours prior to kickoff, however there have been cases where tables are being canceled right at that moment and again, the bar is scrambling to fill those seats and they’re realizing it’s not enough time for them to accomplish it. A large table that was cancelled at the deadline in week one, and Public House was unable to fill it.

Starting tomorrow, the cancellation fee policies will be:
4+ Business Days : 0% cancellation fee
3+ (72+ Hours) Business Days: 25% cancellation fee of minimum
2 (48 hours) Business Days: 50% cancellation fee of minimum
1 business day of less (24 hours) 100% cancellation fee of minimum

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Also, a reminder that the minimums you agree to when securing the reservation are mandatory, even if you leave the game early.

Sorry for the process-heavy email, we’re all navigating this new world together and trying to make things work for both parties so when this is all over, we can resume the massive crowds of Bills Mafia on 41st Street.

Happy to be back in OP this week, let’s go Buffalo!!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and can’t believe Josh Allen’s stats are in line with the elite QBs of the last decade” Kabel