NJ Jets @ Bills, Follow The Rules

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

It is finally here, the 2020 season kicks off for the Bills this Sunday at 1pm as they host the NJ Jets in Orchard Park at…the stadium. Does anybody really care what it’s called anymore? Rich Stadium and The Ralph will always be acceptable to me.

Four years ago when the Bills hired McDermott (and then Beane), I said it would take three years for them to turn this team around, results would start to pay off in Year 4 and we’d be legit Super Bowl contenders in Year 5. So here we are, Year 4, and anything less than a playoff win would be a disappointment. You know the defense is going to be solid as always, they have a legit shot at being a top 5. The offense certainly improved on paper with the additions of Diggs and Moss, but as I said last season, everything will come down to Josh Allen. He showed flashes of brilliance last season, he needs to make those flashes more common this year and minimize stupid mistakes. He’s going in with the same Coordinator and playbook and most of his weapons intact, along with some shiny new ones. He HAS to elevate his game and show everyone he was worth the high draft pick three years ago.

This season is clearly going to have its challenges, especially in Buffalo where the players literally feed off of the crowd. How will they not only handle a silent stadium, but opposing fans in other stadiums like Miami? Will having no pre-season games help or hurt? Can the NFL keep COVID off the sidelines? It’s going to be a fluid season I’m sure.

That said, all the outdoor seating for the game at Public House were filled almost immediately this week. The bar has been working hard getting things set up, if you haven’t seen the video we posted on social media, they have a huge projector setup outside and are adding multiple TVs. Like anything, I’m sure there will be a learning curve so I ask for everybody’s patience and understanding.

Most of all like my daughter used to say, you “Gotta follow the rules.” PLEASE DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO JEOPARDIZE THE EXPERIENCE FOR US THIS SEASON. It only takes one photo of people not wearing masks or social distancing to ruin everybody’s good time. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re visited by the SLA this Sunday, and there are undercover folks out there looking to take bars down. Don’t forget that we’re a bunch of Bills fans in Jets/Giants territory, we have a target on our backs. Be on your best behavior.

Please, follow all the rules set forth by the Public House staff. Wear a mask when not seated at your table. Respect social distancing and your fellow fans. Be on time. Show respect for everyone.

Also, there is a chance of rain this Sunday. We’re Bills fans, this is where I tell you to “D Up”, bring a pancho or something to wear just in case. You will not be permitted inside to avoid the rain. Just like a game at The Ralph you suck it up, and you drink your beer. Also, please arrive at your requested timeslot so the bar can most easily accommodate you.

Any questions or concerns let us know. Otherwise, I’m fired up to see a bunch of you on Sunday at noon. With indoor dining coming to NYC on September 30th, the bar will be offering additional seating inside seating starting in October for those interested. Details to come, and don’t forget RSVPs open up for next week on Monday at 11am.

Let’s go Buffalo!!!!!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and fired up for some Bills football at Public House this Sunday” Kabel