Artisans’ Hands Etched Standing Buffalo Glasses

Artisans’ Hands is a gift shop on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo. We do custom rock and glass etching. One of our big sellers is pint glasses etched with the standing buffalo inside the latitude and longitude of the exact location of the 50 yard line at “The Ralph.”

Just punch in the coordinates and it takes you to the Bill’s logo at mid-field.

We are reaching out to the Bills’ Nation around the country to offer these unique pint glasses.

Along with the buffalo we can etch the name of the club, the bar or personalize them with the BB member’s name on the glass for an extra charge of $7.00.

We sell the glasses for $16.00 a piece and $14.50 a piece for a multiple orders plus shipping. If you are interested in ordering glasses or have any questions please email us at



Tim Doolittle, Co-owner
Artisans’ Hand LLC