Tons of Info, Preseason, Jets Game, etc.

Hello everyone,

What did you think of Andre’s induction speech? I love that he got the fans involved. ¾ of the crowd must have been Bills fans. Also the Jim Kelly moment was very touching.

Kind of a shaky first preseason game, eh? I hope EJ works out his timing and passing lanes. 5 preseason games too much? I say they need the practice.

The is so much to cover in this e-mail!

Preseason Games
Here is the status of games shown at the bars. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. We go through this every year.

  • Carolina: Unfortunately we can’t show the Carolina game. The game isn’t live in our area and the replays are at inconvenient hours.
  • Pittsburgh: McFadden’s will show the Steelers REPLAY, which will air on the NFL Network on Sunday 8/17 at 12 noon.
  • Tampa Bay: McFadden’s will show the LIVE Tampa Bay game, which is 4:30 pm on Saturday 8/23.
  • Detroit: Unfortunately we can’t show the Lions game. The game isn’t live in our area and the replays are at inconvenient hours.

Hey, 3 out of 5 isn’t bad.

Drink specials for the preseason games are:

Regular Season Drink Specials and Times
Speaking of specials… We apologize for any confusion the last year(s). We’ve made some changes to the drink specials listed on our website and faq page, which have been the ongoing policies (our site info was inaccurate).


  • McFadden’s does require you to purchase one of the specials.
  • Calico Jack’s continues as optional though.
  • Doors will open at 10 am.

Jets Tickets and Parking Passes
Parking passes are now available for sale. For tickets, parking passes, etc, find all of the info here:

Chicago Bills Backers
The Bills Backers in Chicago have a lot planned for opening day. If you are traveling to Chicago, or thinking about it, check it out.

Artisans’ Hands Etched Buffalo Glasses
I mentioned last week that I love promoting good people doing good things. If you have something, shoot it my way. I’ll TRY to give you some love. This week we have Artisans’ Hands. They are a gift shop on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo. They do custom rock and glass etching. One of their big sellers is pint glasses etched with the standing buffalo inside the latitude and longitude of the exact location of the 50 yard line at “The Ralph.”  To learn more visit: or

Phew, I’m out of breath from all of that.

– Matt Soreco