Buffalo Bills Hire Dick Jauron

Hello all 1,232 Bills fans,

As just announced in a live press conference, Dick Jauron has been named Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills. Considering that the guy has a losing record and the Bills picked him over Mike Sherman who has a solid winning record, I’m not sure how to feel. Our own Kevin Smith summed it up for me by saying:

“I’m playing the prevent defense with my emotions right now.”

Marv said that Sherman had better personnel to work with in Green Bay than Jauron had in Chicago. True, you got me there. Marv also said that he, Bill Belichik, and Mike Shanahan also had losing records when they started out. But boy, this is going to be a tough season to get excited about. Hopefully Jauron is smart enough to hire some top notch assistant coaches and coordinators, something he did not do in the past.

On the other side of the AFC East, the Dolphins have hired none other than former Bills’ coach Mike Mularkey to be their offensive coordinator, so we’ll get to face him twice a year!

So now the Bills will hire their assistant coaches and prepare for free agency and the draft. As always, be sure to check out www.BillsDaily.com for up to date news. We’ll also keep you in the loop with weekly updates.

Until then, Go Bills & Go Sabres!

— Matt “talkin’ proud hoping Marv knows what he’s doing” Kabel